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Refurbished Spectrum Analyzers


We provide refurbishing, repair, and calibration of all versions of Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv series spectrum/ QAM analyzers; however it is often more difficult with older v1 and v2 hardware/firmware. And it can be quite difficult on the original Avantron AT2000 units, but it is possible. The LED Backlight Mod and SMPS Reburbs listed below are available for all hardware versions, and Calibration Verification is available for all hardware versions assuming all original hardware is still present.


Repair Work -  By Quotation after the unit has been examined.   (1)

Calibration Certification - with certificate and reset of 'internal cal date'.            $395.00 (1)   

    During calibration, both internal internal batteries are normally replaced.         

LED Backlight Modification - CFL (compact flourescent) backlights are                $295.00 (1)

    changed to LED's controlled by a buck inverter. This results in a brighter

    display with greater clarity, and also increases battery run time by 20 to

    30 minutes depending on your hardware version.

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) Refurb - All components in the complex     $295.00 (1)

    boost/buck switch mode power supply (SMPS) prone to early failure are

    replaced, with the SMPS then load and 'switch noise' tested. This refurb achieves a

    reduction in HF 'switching noise', which can affect the units stability and accuracy.

Combined LED Mod, SMPS Refurb, and Calibration performed.                           $895.00 (1)

(1) These prices do not include shipping. All shipping costs (both directions)

      are paid by the customer.


The following Avantron/Sunrise Telecom units are under repair/refurbishing and should be available in the near future. 

  (1) AT2500RQv2 spectrum analyzer - 1 MHz to 1,500 MHz QAM/Spectrum Analyzer

  (1) AT2500RQv3 spectrum analyzer - 1 MHz to 1,500 MHz QAM/Spectrum Analyzer

  (1) AT2000RQ5 spectrum analyzer  -  1 MHz to 1,000 MHz QAM/Spectrum Analyzer

    Note: The 'Q' series include full QAM testing to ANSI/SCTE 40 specifications.

                The 'v' series include full video testing including differential gain & phase plus CLDI).

                The 'v' series also includes an internal vectorscope for color circuitry alignment.

As each unit becomes available I'll confirm which modifications (see below) are included, and whether the unit meets original OEM specifications i.e., ALL functions are still within OEM calibration specifications.

For repair, modification and calibration verification costs see bottom section.

If you have an old AT2000/2500 series analyzer that's no longer working properly, please contact me via email before disposing of it, as I sometimes purchase them for parts, especially hardware related.


The AT2500RQv3 listed above is fully refurbished and calibrated; however I'm holding on the sale as I need to perform some FCC Proof of Performance testing in early February. Once that is accomplished I'll offer the unit for sale. Be patient as within 30 days I should be finished.

The AT2000RQ5 refurbishing full swing but it may be several months before it is complete.