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At present I have no AT2500RQv series analyzers for sale or being refurbished, however continue to check this page as I'm always on the lookout for units to refurbish.All analyzers that I refurbish include a full 30 day warranty.

Be sure to contact me if you have an AT2000/AT2500 analyzer you would like to sell, refurbish, or calibrate. Our calibration charges are significantly less that most other companies, and include a complete check of your unit (all sub-assemblies, the mother board, CMOS, the primary battery, etc.).

See below for Training Video Information.

We have recently acquired a Rohde Schwarz FSH 3.13 portable spectrum analyzer. When repair, refurbishing and calibration are complete this unit will be made available for sale. Keep posted for more information on this unit.


This Training DVD contains a four-part  training series on the Sunrise Telecom/ VeEX AT2500 RQv series analyzer, with some applicability to the older AT2000 series as well. It is recorded in 720P HD format. Total run time is 2 hrs 40 minutes. DVD content is as follows:

  1. Introduction and development history.
  2. Manual operation.
  3. Preprogrammed tests via the routines contained in firmware. These features are therefore firmware dependent.
  4. Software review and fully automated testing via the AT-WEB option.

The support CD contains software programs, software manuals, plus manuals for all versions of AT2500RQv series hardware. To order, contact me at the email address below. Cost is $29.95 including shipping. Payment via Paypal is required.

The Paypal payment should be made to Please state that the payment was made for the training video.