Cablesoft Engineering

Repair Services

We offer refurbishing for older Sunrise Telecom spectrum/QAM analyzers as listed below. Calibration service is offered for most models. If repairs are needed, calibration costs are typically included in the price quoted.

Sunrise Telecom AT2000R/RQ series analyzer*      *Most but not all hardware models are supported

Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv series analyzer*        *Hardware versions 1 thru 3 are supported. 

Sunrise Telecom AT2500HMQ series analyzer*       *Hardware versions 1 through 3 are supported.   

(Support for version 4 hardware is not offered at present, but likely

will be at some future point since VeEX has discontinued this product line)

Repair parts for older units are becoming difficult to obtain, and I may reach a point where repair service for some models and problems can no longer be accomplished. However, refurbishing and calibration services will continue as repair parts (except the battery) are generally not needed. Also, the AT2500RQv platform has now been discontinued by VeEX (as noted above) in favor of the smaller touch-screen AT2500-3G model. This means you can no longer purchase a new AT2500RQv model, which in my opinion remains the only specialized Cable Television analyzer capable of offering full  FCC Proof of Performance capabilities in a single package. So, if you already have an AT2500RQv series unit, by all means keep it in service as long as you can, as there are no clear alternatives to purchase for full FCC testing in other customized packages.

If you have an AT2500RQ series spectrum/QAM analyzer with version 4 hardware or newer, we still recommend that you contact VeEX for support at 510-651-0500, as they continue to support version 4 hardware even though it's no longer sold.

We occasionally acquire AT2500 units for refurbishing and resale, so please check our For Sale page to see what is available. If you have an older unit that needs support and you are 'not quite sure what you have', please contact me via the email address shown below, as I can provide assistance in determining which version of hardware/firmware you have and whether it's worth refurbishing (or if it is possible to do so).

Finally, we offer a Training Video on the AT2000/2500 RQv series units. Please see the For Sale page for detail.