Cablesoft Engineering

Repair Services

We offer refurbishing and repair for most Sunrise Telecom spectrum/QAM analyzers. Calibration service (pricing at bottom of page) is offered for all models, while repair/ refurbishing is available for versions 1 through 4 only (version 4 plus not supported at present). If repairs are required, calibration costs are typically included in the price quoted.

Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv series analyzer -  Hardware versions 1 thru 4 are supported. 

Sunrise Telecom AT2500HMQ series analyzer - Hardware versions 1 thru 4 are supported.   

The AT2500RQv platform has been recently discontinued by VeEX in favor of the smaller touch-screen AT2500-3G model. This means you can no longer purchase a new AT2500RQv model, which to our knowledge remains the only specialized Cable Television analyzer capable of offering complete  (1) FCC Proof of Performance capabilities in a single package. So, if you already have an AT2500RQv series unit, by all means try to keep it in service as long as possible, as there are no industry alternatives to this complete FCC Proof testing package that we are aware of.

If you have an AT2500RQv series spectrum/QAM analyzer with version 4 plus hardware we  recommend that you contact VeEX for support.

If you have an older unit in need of support and you are not quite sure what you have, please contact me via the email address shown below, as I can provide assistance in determining which version of hardware/firmware you have and whether it's feasible to repair/refurbish your unit. Our standard unit testing and calibration cost is $395, which includes replacement of both internal batteries if needed plus a complete operational check of all unit modules. 

Finally, we offer a Training Video on the AT2000/2500RQv series units. Please see the For Sale page for detail.

(1) Note:  the 2500-3G platform, while highly configurable with many desirable features, is not capable of performing all FCC Part 76 required tests.

Finally, we recently added repair/calibration support for older model Rohde Schwarz FSH 3/6 series portable spectrum analyzers. More on this soon.