Cablesoft Engineering

RF & Telecom Engineering, Testing and Design/Repair

Cablesoft Engineering (CSE) is a RF spectrum analysis,

and telecommunications consulting and testing company.

We specialize in RF spectrum analysis including calibrated field strength measurements for radio, television and wireless communications systems. We provide off-air ATSC (8-VSB) testing and reception analysis including computerized reception projections, RF interference characterization and source location from 9 kHz to 6.2 GHz including satellite terrestrial interference.

We also provide Cable Television FCC Proof of Performance testing including NTSC-M analog testing to full FCC Part 76 Subpart K (newest version) specifications & full QAM analysis to ANSI/SCTE 40 2016 specifications.

Cable Television technical 'due diligence' reporting services are provided for system analysis, acquisition or sale.

Due to the nature of our business and extensive use of spectrum analyzers, we also offer refurbishing and calibration for older Sunrise Telecom AT2500RQv series spectrum/QAM analyzers. See the Overall Services  & Sales and Repair Pages for more information.

CSE maintains full RF spectrum analysis capabilities from 9 kHz to 6.2 GHz. We have dedicated spectrum analysis equipment specific to RF characterization including 'real time' spectrum analysis (9 kHz to 6.2 GHz), along with other spectrum analyzers for specific application such as ATSC (8-VSB) signal analysis and FCC Proof of Performance testing (NTSC-M and QAM). 

CSE maintains an office located in the scenic Loess Hills of southwestern Iowa, and is located near the greater Council Bluffs, IA - Omaha, NE area.

For questions regarding any of our services on the following pages please contact me via the email address shown on the bottom of each page.

Last updated on January 19th, 2022