Cablesoft Engineering


Mark Bowers has been involved in RF propagation & electro-magnetics since 1966, switched telephony (telecom) since 1968, and RF broadband since 1971. Mark held several cable television/telephony industry posts prior to establishing Cablesoft Engineering in 1993, including Director of Corporate Technical Planning for CenTel Cable Television (division of Central Telephone Company) in Oak Brook, IL and Corporate VP of Engineering for Warner Cable Communications in Dublin, OH. 

Mark’s education includes Radio Engineering Institute, Omaha, NE, the US Naval Nuclear Engineering School, (Vallejo, CA and Idaho Falls, ID), numerous US Naval electronics & navigation schools, and Bachelor and Master of Science Degrees in Management of Technology. Mark was a qualified ‘reactor plant operator’ on two USN nuclear powered ships; the USS Truxtun, DLGN-35, and the USS Enterprise, CVAN-65. Mark also served aboard the USS Nereus, AS-17, a submarine repair ship, and was temporarily attached to several nuclear ‘fast attack’ submarines while stationed at Ballast Point Submarine Base, San Diego, CA.

Mark has authored numerous (over 50) technical articles for the RF broadband industry beginning in 1987. Some have appeared in magazines such as Communications Technology Magazine and {the} Broadband Library (see Downloads page for articles written for the Broadband Library); others have been made available to the industry through mailed Tech Letters and are now available on the Downloads Page. Not all articles written over the years are listed on the Downloads Page, so if you have a particular subject in mind but don't see it feel free to contact me.

Mark is a member of the Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers & International Society of Broadcast Engineers (SCTE-ISBE), the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), and a 35 year Senior Member and licensed Master Telecommunications Engineer with iNARTE, the International Association for Radio, Telecommunications, and Electromagnetics. Mark was first issued a First Class FCC License on May 23rd, 1980.