Cablesoft Engineering

Company History

CableSoft, a business partnership, was formed in 1987 to develop and market CableDesignerTM, a HFC plant RF/AC design software package. The final software design package, CableDesigner 2.1 was the result of two-year collaboration between a professional software engineer and myself. The program is small, intuitive to learn and use, and is very fast. All program code is written in compiled Pascal.

A second company, Cablesoft Engineering, was formed in 1990, with an emphasis in engineering, testing and telecom consulting. Cablesoft Engineering, Inc. was fully incorporated in 1993 and retains the rights to all CableSoft assets and the copyright for CableDesignerTM 2.1. Screenshots for the opening graphic for CableDesigner 2.1 and PowerDesigner 1.0 are shown above.

Although CableDesignerTM has not been updated or marketed since the early 1990’s, it is still a viable RF/AC design program for plant extensions and small system design (as long as automated links to a CAD platform are not required). It is available free of charge on the Downloads page. The program allows for HFC RF/AC design including the development of customized equipment files and full BOM generation. A .ZIP file contains all necessary executable files, help files, and the users manual in .pdf format. One can typically become proficient in its use in a single day; far less than any competing product.

Note: both of these programs were originally developed under DOS, but also ran properly under successive Microsoft operating systems as long as they were 32 bit (including Win XP and Win 7). If you wish to run these programs under Win 8.1 or 10/11 (64 bit), and many will, you'll need to install an emulator such as vDOS or VirtualBox from Oracle. Both are free, easy to install, and allow continued use of both Power.exe (AC powering program) and Cdesign.exe (RF design with BOM generation).