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Cable Television FCC Proof of Performance testing, with all FCC mandated tests (analog and QAM) performed during testing. All downstream QAM carriers are tested to ANSI/SCTE 40 2016 specifications. A sample FCC POP report is available on the ‘Downloads’ page.

Technical Due Diligence testing for cable system sale and acquisition. 

High Definition ATSC (8-VSB) receive site testing including antennas, downleads, decoders, and full analysis of the 8-VSB signal with a dedicated 8-VSB spectrum analyzer. A computerized signal survey level projection program is utilized (CSE’s in-house survey program) is correlated with receive site measurements. Services also include the locating of optimal alternate receive sites; where the existing site is prohibitive to good off-air reception. See the Download page for an article on 8-VSB theory, reception, plus actual measurements.

RF Spectrum Analysis and Testing from 9 kHz to 6.2 GHz. Services provided (to 6.2 GHz unless noted otherwise) include calibrated field strength measurements; interference analysis and location (including TI interference at TVRO installations); digital carrier measurements including QAM, OFDM, TDMA, LTE & WiMax; and scalar measurements [to 3 GHz] including gain/loss, frequency response, and isolation. See the Downloads page for measurements on various CATV and satellite components, including frequency response, isolation and return loss.

We also provide refurbishing and calibration services for Sunrise Telecom (now VeEX) AT2500RQv series spectrum/ QAM analyzers. Version 3 & 4 series hardware units are fully supported including repair if possible. Version 1 & 2 series hardware (see chart below for approx. manufacturing times) can be checked and calibrated if they are still functioning, however, repair may prove difficult due to a lack of some repair parts.  Please see the Repair and Sales page for all services including several modifications developed by Cablesoft Engineering. The Downloads Page provides the final versions of Reveal WinCom (no software key required) and System Editor. I'm providing these software packages for download since VeEX no longer supports this analyzer series or its associated software packages.

See the Repair and Sales Page for all services including several modifications I have developed.

           Model                                                Manufacturing Dates

AT2000 Avantron                Manufactured from the late 1990's thru around 2000 - 2001.

  (various models)                Avantron was then acquired by Sunrise Telecom


AT2500RQ(v)1                      Approx. 2000 thru 2005 (Sunrise Telecom)

AT2500RQ(v)2                      Approx. 2006 thru 2007 (Sunrise Telecom)

AT2500RQ(v)3                      Approx. 2007 thru 2011 (Sunrise Telecom)

                                               Sunrise Telecom was then acquired by VeEX


AT2500RQvPlus(v4)            Approx. 2011 to approx. 2019 (VeEX)

Version 3 and 4 firmware contains the AT-WEB option, which if activated allows for unit remote control and fully automated analog and QAM testing. This is not possible with v1 and v2 hardware/firmware.

If you have an older AT2500 (or AT2000 Avantron) series analyzer that no longer works, please don't toss it in a dumpster, as this is one of my sources for repair parts, especially mechanical. And occasionally these older units can be refurbished and restored to full operation. Please contact me if you have an old one you'd like to dispose of.

The sample waveforms above depict the following activity and monitoring capabilities with a RTA (real time spectrum analyzer) except for the Upper-Right ATSC measurement: Upper-Left shows activity on a 5 GHz wireless Internet link, Upper-Right shows measurements on an ATSC transmission (constellation, MER, EVM, BER), Lower-Left depicts cellular radio activity in the 700 MHz band, and Lower-Right shows 33cm HAM band activity.